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Trees & Shrubs


Everyone enjoys the beauty a shade tree provides. In fact, deciduous trees are the basic element for any landscape plan. They can create shady conditions for planting flowers or act as the focal point within a specific area of the garden. But the wrong tree or one planted in the wrong spot can actually detract from the overall landscape.

A tree is a long-term investment; don't risk losing 5 to 10 years of precious tree growing time by selecting the wrong tree! Let the professional design staff at A Growing Concern help you decide where a tree is needed and what that tree should do to enhance your landscape. Then let us help you select a species that will meet your requirements for shade, beauty, color, and protection from harsh winds.


Deciduous shrubs, those that lose their leaves in fall, give seasonal color and texture to the landscape. Flower and fruit displays, interesting foliage shapes and colors, and even bark color and texture add outdoor interest. Shrubs don't just have pretty faces, they can serve a definite purpose as border plants, accent plants with seasonal color, wildlife habitats, or as screening against an undesirable view or for privacy.

The right shrubs can bring a sense of completion to your landscape design, but determining which shrubs to choose can be a difficult decision. The best way to make wise choices is to check with the garden professionals at A Growing Concern. We'll help you select the best shrubs for your purpose and design, resulting in a garden that is both aesthetic and functional.

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