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Perennials are an indispensable part of every garden, regardless of size. They are a source of back-ground in color and size and provide an abundance of cut flowers. They give us plant material that provides almost ever blooming borders and no end for the use of our ideas.


Contrary to popular belief, perennials are not expensive to grow. It is best to select plants with a purpose in mind, such as edging plants, accents for evergreens, masses of color, rock garden specimens, etc. With specific purposes in mind, you can choose perennials by considering their characteristics and deciding which plants best meet your requirements. With careful planning, a perennial flowerbed will change colors, as one type of plant finishes and another variety begins to bloom. By combining perennials with annuals, a continuous colorful show can be provided in your garden!


Of course, our perennials are custom grown by local, family-owned growers.

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