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Preparing for Freezing Temps - The Great Plant Transport

With temperatures dropping so low tonight, we are preparing for the freeze the best way we can - by moving and covering EVERYTHING!

The garden center is looking very empty.

if you can't bring your flowering trees and shrubs inside, you can protect them by covering them overnight with burlap or a bed sheet, which will act as insulation against the frost. If possible, shield the plants first with coffee cans or tomato cages and lay the insulation over top. The coffee cans or tomato cages will protect your plants fragility from the weight of the burlap, while the burlap acts as an insulation against the freeze, allowing the frost to settle on the cover instead of your plants. Just be sure to remove the burlap from your plants in the morning, however, as oxygen and sunlight are essential to their survival.

Of course, if you can bring a plant (preferably one that is in a container) inside, that will work, too.

With any luck, this will be the last of the cold weather this year. Please let us know if you need and advice for protecting your plants.

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