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Camellias Add Great Late Winter Color!

With their colorful late fall to early spring (depending on the variety) blooms and evergreen foliage, Camellias are a great part of any landscape.

Blooming Camellia at A Growing Concern Garden Center in Hendersonville, NC

Depending on the variety, Camellias can bloom in Western North Carolina gardens between late fall and early spring, so mixing different varieties can add color throughout the cold weather months.

Winter blooming evergreen Camellia in Hendersonville, NC

Southern Living's website has a great guide on planting and caring for Camellias, which includes the following tips:

-Planting in the early spring to allow the shrubs time to establish roots before the onset of cold weather;

-Planting Camellias in partial shade (avoiding afternoon sun) to allow for better blooms and to reduce sunburn (yellow or brownish areas on leaves); and

-Fertilizing with an acid-forming fertilizer in the late spring (after the shrub is finished blooming) and again in mid-summer.

We would be happy to help provide more tips on planting and caring for Camellias if you come to the garden center in Hendersonville, and we would love to help you include the shrubs in your landscaping plan to bring you winter color.

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